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As your best supplier, Frank Metal Gifts Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Badges, Challenge coins, Medals, Key Chains, Tie Bars, Cuff Links, Necklaces, Book Marks, Money Clips and other relative metal products.

We have fine molders and workers who are able to produce various quality products, depending on your request, design and quantity requirements.Our talented designers will take your pin ideas and turn them into reality. The top sales team can solve every problems with orders, especially can offer professional and most appropriate advice about production process, so use the best price do the best badge.

The quality and delivery time are the most important factors with our order, so we are in close contact with the factory regarding the progress of the order, use the fast international express to delivery at the first time when they are ready, normally arrive your place within 2-3 days.

Our quality products will make a lasting impression and can be used to promote your company, association, cause or event. When sportsman wearing pins at races, trading pins become a cherished reminder of the past.We will promote your story with custom metal badges, and Frank Metal Gifts wants to be a part of your next milestone.

Please contact our sales office for all orders and inquiries. Thank you for your business!!!


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Add: Room 1002, Building 52, Baimajing Road, SuZhou City,JiangSu Province.

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